Weetabix – Three Little Pigs » Golden Wolf

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Category Description

A single spot advertising a product or service.

Project Description

Channelling early Disney and Fleischer styles, this Weetabix Ad sees the big bad wolf finally conquer the brick house, fuelled by his nutritious cereal. Using a combination of modern techniques and traditional frame-by-frame animation, we worked with our pals BBH and Stink Films to lovingly recreate the visual language of the era.


Executive Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer (London): Tan Jones
Executive Producer (New York): Dotti Sinnott
Art Director: Dan Burgess
Producer: Jenny King
Production Assistant: Alex Young
Design Lead: Izzy Burton
Design: Angelo Villar, Sylvain Sarrai, Maja-Lisa Hansen, JuanPe Arroyo
Animation Lead: Stephanie Mercier,
2D Animation: Thomas Eide, Rory Byrne, Myra Hild
Storyboard: Gaia Lamiot, Stephanie Mercier, Rav Rieck
2D FX: Carlos Araya, Kensei Thomas
Comp/MG: Ian Pinder, Laurence Parsons, John Wilkinson
Agency : BBH
Client Weetabix