United Rugby Championship Package : “The Dynamic Logo Navigator” » AE LIVE IGNITE

Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to present information within a sports program for television or streaming.

Project Description

Ignite’s motion design for this ”next generation” rugby competition followed two directives; to contemporize the offering and evoke the fast pace of the game.

Our key principle was to make the URC logo a central point of origin and active ‘navigator’ for the entire graphics system. The logo was placed at the centre of all templates and was given attributes to draw the eye to splitting and growing information panels across the screen.

Dynamic motion graphics were integrated with a ‘street’ design aesthetic creating a ground-breaking package; raising the bar for match graphics internationally. With expressive player photography aligned with a carefully considered hierarchy of information and high speed statistic delivery; every design decision was to support and amplify the drama of each live game.

We are proud of our unique design that housed real time graphics and live data feeds of match play information enhancing every fans’ viewing experience.


General Manager: Kaylene Hurley
Senior Creative Director: Reuben Thorpe
Senior Creative Producer: Kelly Bendall
Creative Executive: Jens Hertzum
Senior Motion Designer and 3D: Matt Neary
Motion Designer: Juven Juvensco
Client: United Rugby Championship