Category Description

Motion graphics title sequence.

Project Description

”Sky Castle” is a 2018-2019 South Korean satire drama that focuses on the desires and avarice of upper-class families and how everything revolves
around academia. The story centers on four wealthy families, but the show specifically focuses on the women of the family who oversee these homes and how they micromanage everything. These families reside in a luxurious residential area called SKY Castle, which is a reference to the three most prestigious universities in South Korea. The authenticity of the characters and their intriguing stories amplify the existing social issues of today’s world as they obscure immorality in pursuit of power, greed and social status. The unexpected plot twists and foreshadowing lines present throughout the show will be be embodied into the design language of the title sequence. Because a complex story of social satire is incredibly heavy, the rebrand will juxtapose the disquieting tone with a seemingly playful imagery.

  1. Tiffany Tedy
  2. Isabelle Winarto