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A single spot created to promote a game

Project Description

The worlds of agents and pros meet in a race for the Champions Trophy. Discover the official anthem of Champions 2022 and its clip, “Fire Again ft. Ashnikko”.


Matthieu Poirier – Claire Madigan

Storyboard Artists
Nicolas Pegon – Ninoc – Quentin Rigaux – Vic Chhun – Loup Bouchet

Character Design
Vic Chhun

Lead Background Artist
Simon Dumonceau

Background Artists
Thomas Reteuna – Justine Thibault – George Varodi – Ivan Fedorov – Léa Pinto – Victor Delorme – Robin Lhebrard – Long Ngo- Quentin Regnes

Layout Posing
Paul Lacolley – Etienne Faivre – Gianni Bouyeure

Lead Animator
Jeremy Pires

Louise Bailliet – Loup Bouchet – Gianni Bouyeure – Bernard Bui – Vic Chhun – Etienne Faivre – Jack-Amin Ibrahim – Léni Marotte – Quentin Rigaux

Weapon Master
Maxime Jouniot

Assistant Animators
Marion Boisrond – Basile Godard

Paul Bouchart – Stéphane Chung – Louise Bailliet – Basile Godard

Interns Alma Frohlich
Benjamin Oualid – Candice Loret – Emma Guyot DLH – Théo Carme – Zéphyr Martin

Lead 3d & Comp
Guillaume Cassuto

3D Artists
Charline Arnoux – Hugo Garnier – Thomas Ramboz – Paul Torris

Compositing Artists
Elliott Kajdan – Abel Kohen – Guillaume Cassuto

Motion Designer
Benoit Galland

Clean Animation

Production Coordinators
Rebeca Hayem – Akito Martel

Nicolas Biardeau – Jean Nicolas Michel