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Category Description

Any short form project exploring novel aesthetics, production methodologies and/or technologies.

Project Description

Imagine this: 450m of wall in a hot desert, clad with 150 illustrated frames, each printed out 3m by 2m. Nissan’s all-electric ARIYA drives past, camera attached to the bonnet, capturing footage as it goes. The result? A larger-than-life Zoetrope.

In order to create this, Blind Pig’s Animation Lead, Christine, first storyboarded the frames. Aware that the brush strokes were imperative to the narrative, she designed her own paintbrushes and used 3D software to build the pre-vis. After drawing each still, she tested them side-by-side using frame-by-frame software until finally, they were captured on set via a camera attached to the ARIYA.


Animation Studio – Blind Pig

Design & Animation – Christine Peters

Producer – Ollie Ireland

Executive Producer – Thierry Levy

Agency – Dark Horses

Producer – Leah Wattley

Executive Creative Director – Steve Howell

Chief Strategy Officer – Matt Readman

Creative Directors – Adam Burns, Paco Lopez

Head of Production – Andy Walsh

Production Company – UNIT9

Films Director – James Medcraft

Creative Director – Sean Pruen

DOP – Carl Burke

Executive Producer – Greg Hemes

Producer – Geoff Stickler

Edit – Alex Burt

Service Company – Blur Films

Post Production – Absolute

Colour – Juliette Wileman

Flame – Daniel Adams, Eldon Snelgrove, Antonio Jimenez

Nuke – Harvey David, Tommy Coulter Listen

Producer – Ollie Ireland

Sound Design – Sounds Good Audio