Shortlist Judge

Garret Kane


Garret Kane is a sculptor, animator, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His artistic practice spans both digital and physical spaces from mixed media sculptures to NFTs. His sculptures range from intimate in scale to life size and are composed of ceramics, 3D printed parts, metalwork, found objects, and natural elements like moss, wood, and grown crystals. He also creates and animates artworks in 3D. His practice skillfully combines both artistic methods, sometimes scanning physical objects with photogrammetry and structured light, or rapid prototyping and metal plating digitally rendered forms. Ultimately, his work explores the confluence of art, nature and technology and their cumulative effects on humankind and the world at large.

Kane graduated from SUNY Albany and first began a career in advertising, working as Creative Director for fifteen years. Kane fuses his artistic practice with the background gained from his career to work with companies to create a brand identity. He designs, fabricates, and installs installations for said companies and ensures the concept and execution are realized to the highest standards. Kane has been in multiple solo and group shows, exhibiting work internationally. Most notable are the 3 solo exhibitions in NYC’s Flatiron Building Prow Artspace; Chashama’s Gala at One World Trade (YEAR); and Untitled Art Fair in South Beach, Miami in 2021. He has also held residencies in Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

Currently, he is writing a science fiction novel, the characters of which are based on many of his figurative sculptures. The goal is to adapted it into a series of interactive videos, shot with a mix of real, in-camera sculpture and 3D animation.

Lastly, he is co-founder and CCO of the Ecosapiens, a climate metaverse dedicated to fighting climate change through technology, story and art.