Finalist Judge

Erin Sarofsky


Erin Sarofsky is the internationally heralded creative visionary regularly chosen by brand and entertainment titans to lead their most artful storytelling projects.

In 2009, Erin Sarofsky launched Sarofsky Corp. in Chicago’s booming West Loop, and the rest, as they say, is history. Recognized internationally for brilliant design-driven production that is limited only by the imagination, the firm has forged long standing relationships with leaders of the advertising and entertainment industries.

We have been recognized internationally for the brilliant design forward work we produce and, most notably, our main title sequences. Our recent projects are “Peacemaker,” “The Gray Man,” “WeCrashed,” and “The Staircase,” but we are also known for iconic sequences like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Guardians of the Galaxy (1 and 2),”“Shameless,” and “Community.”

Over time, Erin’s artistry has expanded exponentially in every conceivable way, including in style and medium. Stylistically, she constantly breaks new ground as a live-action director. One recent example involved casting a white horse and filming him inside a coworking space. That footage was then juxtaposed to completely CG generated visuals in the stunning main title for WeCrashed. Another piece is a signature, original marketing piece she directed for Apple: A modern day mixed media extravaganza celebrating the release of ideas trapped in an old journal. That Apple Artists Series spot heralding the release of the most powerful iMac Pro in history was promoted with a Behind the Scenes featurette, earning acclaim from the beloved brand’s audiences worldwide.