Shortlist Judge

EJ Hassenfratz

School of Motion

EJ Hassenfratz is a multi-Emmy award winning 3D artist, motion designer, and Creative Director at the world reknown education platform, School of Motion, known for pushing the boundaries of creativity in the world of animation. With a career spanning over a decade, EJ has made a significant impact on the industry through his innovative work and dedication to his craft.

EJ’s journey into the world of animation began with a fascination for storytelling and a love for technology. His unique blend of artistic talent and technical expertise has allowed him to create mesmerizing 3D animations and visual effects that captivate audiences worldwide.

He has worked with and made content for top tier companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, NHL, NFL, and the NBA.

As a prominent figure in the 3D animation community, EJ is not only an accomplished artist but also a dedicated educator and has the distinction of being a Master Maxon Certified Trainer. He shares his knowledge and insights through workshops, tutorials, and speaking engagements across the globe including the Seoul 100x Conference, NAB, Siggraph, Maxon Japan, and Adobe Video World. He always strives to inspire the next generation of 3D artists to explore their creativity and reach new heights.

EJ’s work has been featured in major 3D publications and been shown at trade shows, earning him recognition and respect among his peers. His passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in animation continues to drive him to create visually stunning and thought-provoking experiences.