Category Description

Content specific to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Project Description

Since the beginning of gay time, sex has been narrowed down to three preferences; top, bottom and versatile. But what about those who are none of the above? Meet the “side,” a queer individual who engages in all aspects of same-sex intercourse with the exception of penetration. While this term is gaining attraction on dating apps, it also faces stigma from within the gay community. For a topic that is typically NSFW and often considered taboo, we opted for a friendly and approachable visual style with cheeky nods to explicit content to keep things fun and informative and far from pornopraphic. Our geometric characters rely on shape language to both represent and critique the masculine and feminine traits that are often associated with sexual preferences. Our anthropomorphic cast celebrates the diversity within the gay straight spectrum through a dynamic range of colors and proportions to honor Pride.


Senior Creative Director: Ana Simões
Senior Animator: Grace Shin
Motion Designer: Rio Roye
Graphics Coordinator: Susie Kim