Category Description

Explanatory or educational video promoting a product or service.

Project Description

The brief was to make an advert celebrating Cosmos Lac’s carbon neutral certification. The aim was to promote the companies desire to offset their carbon emissions by shifting their focus to renewable energy and renewable materials.

(The Concept) A blend between spray paint and the natural environment:
Thinking about the ‘Cosmos’ in Cosmos Lac was a great starting point for us. We wanted to paint a ‘colorful’ picture show-casing Cosmos Lac’s spray paints alongside a vibrant natural setting.

So, we focused on the earth and the everyday objects that we all associate with spray paint. To top it off, we included solar panels, windmills and renewable materials which are the key components to becoming carbon neutral.


Client: Cosmos Lac
Production: Mellow Studio
Copywriter: Mike Kalligeris
Creative Direction: Constantinos Kilaris
Art Direction/ Illustrations: Ioanna Glykou
2D Animation: Peter Hagis, Constantinos Kilaris
3D Modeling/ Shading: Angeliki Hristoff
3D Animation: Angeliki Hristoff, Giannis Andritsopoulos
Sound Design: Giannis Andritsopoulos
Voice Over: Eliza Gerontakis