CoMotion 2023: Into the Spotlight Title Sequence » Aanvik Singh

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Motion graphics title sequence.

Project Description

From cave paintings drawn under torchlights to the invention of the camera, art and light have always been interlinked. As the future of motion design steps into the spotlight at CoMotion 2023, we celebrate the diversity of stories and storytellers that pursue light. CoMotion is the world’s largest studentled motion graphics conference. Held at the Savannah College of Art and Design, the identity system for the 14th annual event is influenced by the history of light and its relationship with art. This title sequence was created by 40+ multidisciplinary artists at SCAD, over 6 months. Each bringing their expertise to craft a story celebrating all forms of motion design.

  1. Aanvik Singh – Creative Director
  2. Marly Koven – Art Director
  3. Alexis Dow – Producer
  4. Rachel Golla – Producer
  5. Desmond Du – Animation Lead
  6. Stephen Mok – 3D Animation Lead
  7. Tiffany Lo – Design Lead
  8. Josie Glassman – Graphic Design Lead
  9. Samantha Woods – Experiential Lead
  10. Libby Nett – Documentary Lead
  11. Miguel Concha – Composer
  12. Belle Duffner – Web
  13. Amadeus Cameron – Web