Category Description

Motion design in the context of a user interface for a game, website or application.

Project Description

Chia has been selling fun “Grow-it-yourself terra cotta planters” since the late 70’s. Until recently they have relied on brick-and-mortar partnerships for most of their sales. However, in pursuit of a more personalized and engaging experience for their customers, Chia sought Struck’s expertise to craft a bespoke, standalone website. Our vision was clear: to create an energetic and playful website experience that would not only showcase and sell Chia’s unique home decor items, but also introduce the icons to “80’s kids and their kids” in an unforgettable visual way.

The UX team prioritized user convenience and familiarity in designing Chia’s website. By implementing a simple filter system, the diverse product collections were organized for easy navigation, allowing users to quickly find their desired planters. Moreover, a user-friendly, single-page checkout process was crafted, drawing from established e-commerce conventions to create a seamless and efficient transaction experience.


Petar Mijic – Creative Director
Nick Carpenter – Motion Designer
Gustavo Gomez – Sr. Software Developer
Nate Healy – Illustrator
Samantha Browning – Producer
Kylie Kullack- Client Partner
ZAO – Development