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Category Description

A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a news program for a television or streaming channel.

Project Description

The opening title sequence of “Beyond Fentanyl,” a documentary or news report, employs abstract and captivating imagery to symbolize the evolving opioid crisis in the United States. Initially mesmerizing and benign, the imagery represents the allure of drug use, akin to an initial high. However, as the sequence unfolds, it undergoes a gradual transformation, symbolizing the addictiveness of drugs. It briefly provides a respite from the harsh reality of the crisis with dissolving colors, reflecting the initial euphoria of drug use. Yet, the sequence takes a darker turn, evoking nausea and trepidation, illustrating the destructive consequences of prolonged addiction. Ultimately, it underscores the cyclical toxicity of addiction and its impact on individuals and communities. “Beyond Fentanyl” aims to spotlight the heightened danger posed by synthetic drugs combined with fentanyl, contributing to over 100,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2021, marking the deadliest year on record.


Senior Creative Director: Ana Simões
Graphics and Design Director: Kazuyuki Ishii
Motion Designer: Rio Roye
Graphic Designer: Sungpyo Hong
Graphics Artist: Kate Wardell
Graphics Coordnitaor: Susie Kim