59th Golden Horse Awards » Bito

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Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements presented within the context of an event (e.g. award show, concert, sporting event, news event)

Project Description

The Golden Horse Awards is one of the most renowned film awards in Asia.
This year, we took audiences behind the curtain of the film industry through visual design, paying tribute to the unseen work of filmmakers through the theme “Gazing at Traces”, referencing the traces and marks made while filmmaking.
Extending from the motion poster, we created a set of guidelines for the logic behind the use of lines, textures, and colors. We expanded the theme of traces into abstract and concrete forms, using “lines” as an index, the traces were presented in different forms. The wear, rust, and water stains on objects, the freckles, finger prints, and scars on the body, intangible time, the paths taken by people are all part of another scene that exists behind the films we see.


Creative Director|Keng-Ming Liu
Art Director|Weahao Shao
Project Manager|Wen-Hui Chen
Account Manager|Naiyun Peng

Ideation|Weahao Shao
Styleframe|Weahao Shao, RouJia Liang, Chin-Ho Kao, Boris Hsieh, Lu-Wen Hou, Joe Yang, Derrick Liu, Binbin Lu
3D Animation|Weahao Shao, RouJia Liang, Chin-Ho Kao, Boris Hsieh, Henry Chen, Yen Ke
2D Animation|Johnny Yang, Binbin Lu, Pei-Hsuan Wang, Cheng Li Feng

【Film Production】
Director|Weahao Shao
DOP|Joe Yang
Producer|Wen-Hui Chen, Wei-Ni Chen
Special Effect Makeup Artist|Elsie Wang
Talents|Hsien Chen Tsai, Chin-Ho Kao, Wei-Ni Chen, Boris Hsieh, Chung Chieh Yang, Liao Ching Wen, Hwang Sih Yu, Hao Che, Eric Hong, Chen Man Li
Equipment|Chung Chieh Yang, Hsiang Hsieh, Chen Ying Shan, Marbo Wu, Tunhsueh Liang
Editor|Weahao Shao, Joe Yang, Yeh Po Hsiu
BTS|RouJia Liang, Chin-Ho Kao

Music|Luming Lu
Sound Design|Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin
Production Assistant|Li-Chin Chang
Mixing|Hsiao-Chin Lin (WinSound Studio)
Coordinator|Elisa, Yi-Hsin Lin

Voiceover|Morning Tzu-Yi Mo
Recording Studio|V-Sound Music