Waste x Supercell | Celebrating Supercell’s 10th Birthday in Lockdown » Andrew Bentham

Waste x Supercell Celebrating Supercell_s 10th Birthday in Lockdown
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A single spot created to promote a game.

Project Description

You know that awkward moment when you thought your phone was on silent but it really wasn’t? We can probably all relate to that – mobile gamers especially.

For Supercell’s 10th birthday, we decided to poke fun at the way in which the ‘Clash of Clans’ game intro jingle often pops up at the most awkward times.

Initially planned as a live action shoot, the concept had to change when Corona hit – we adapted, and delivered on time.

Using traditional frame-by-frame animation, the animation has a minimalist black and white look to mirror the colours of the Supercell logo, and a film noir-meets-comic book style.

We tied it together by showing a decoration that Clash players could unlock, as a thank-you for their loyalty.

“Waste’s execution really helped bring these relatable player moments to life in a fun, visually appealing way.”
Ana Martins, Community Manager, Clash of Clans


Andrew Bentham: Associate Creative Director
Alex Robinson: Motion Graphics Director
Chloe Bishop: Lead Creative
Tasmin Lobley: Art Director
Tom Salo: Illustrator / Lead Animator
Mike Cotton-Russell: Animator
Adam Smith: Animator
Josh Van Etten: Graphic Designer
Ben Sayer: Editor
Jordan Scott: Project Manager