The Social Dilemma Mass FX Visual Effects Showcase Reel
Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements within a documentary film

Project Description

Mass FX Media created an entirely original social media platform for the film, creating a new design and also behaviors that matched what a combined mega platform might be like if you put together all the major players in the social media world. After designing the platform and deciding how it would behave, our team proceeded to composite the graphics into various scenarios for the narrative scenes within the documentary. Our team also created the graphics world for the interviews and infographics on the interviewee side of the film and needed to make them complimentary, but unique to keep the two worlds separate.


Visual Effects and Motion Graphics by Mass FX Media

Mass FX Executive Producer
Shawna Schultz

Creative Director
Matt Schultz

Carolyn Bush
Ryan Scobey

Motion Designers & Animators
Breece Kelsey
Joel MacCluskey
Aaron Lenius
LC Miranda
Jon Rom
Ryan Walker

VFX Compositors
Julie Henninger
Joel MacCluskey
Matt Schultz

VFX Editor
Tatiana Jones

Illustration Producer
Lida Scarlat

Maxim Maevschi