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The Human Pangenome
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Original music composition for a motion design project

Project Description

In 2003, biologists created the first ever human genome sequence. We need many reference genomes–a pangenome. This monumental undertaking is already taking place and is poised to redefine the future of genomic research and human health.

Last year we set about weaving a rich tapestry of musical threads together for this animated documentary. Our aim was to create a constantly evolving soundtrack, supporting the flow of information and also allowing moments of levity and reflection.


Music – Skillbard

Full credits:

A co-production of Massive Science and NIH/NHGRI.

Presented by the National Human Genome Research Institute
Direction and Animation by Rosanna Wan
Narration by Dr. Shawntel Okonkwo
Sound + Music by Skillbard
Script by Harriet Bailey and Prabarna Ganguly
Producer Harriet Bailey
Senior Producer Nadja Oertelt
Executive Producer Prabarna Ganguly
Produced for and supported by the National Human Genome Research Institute

Winner of the 2020 DCSWA Newsbrief Award (multimedia category)