The Good Lord Bird - Title Sequence
Category Description

A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a television or streaming show

Project Description

Inspired by Bill Trailor’s outsider art and Iginio Lardani’s design for the Spaghetti Westerns, we created a visual language for the Title Sequence that feels hand-made and expressive, equal parts rugged and naive. Relying on strong symbolism and easter eggs, we invite the audience to connect the references as the story unfolds.

Created using cel animation, we relied on both live-action references and 3D cleverly used to serve as a blueprint for the hand-crafted layer to be drawn on top.

“The good book, a blackbird, a spiraled sun, a bloodied feather, and a leaping figure, transforming into an onion to avoid the slings and arrows of the day. These are some of the images, expressed in black and blue, brick red and butter yellow, in a stark woodcut style, that form the opening sequence of The Good Lord Bird, Ethan Hawke’s spitfire series for Showtime. ”
-Art of The Title


Main Title Sequence Created by: King and Country
Executive Producer: Jerry Torgerson
Creative Director: Efrain Montañez
Art Director: Eduardo Guisandes
Animators: Abigail Fairfax, Josh Lewis, Eduardo Guisandes
Producer: Ryan Lowrie

Title Theme: “Come on Children, Let’s Sing” by Mahalia Jackson

Client: Blumhouse
EP/Creative Director: Padraig McKinley
EP: Olga Hamlet
Producers: Alex Espinoza, Adan Orozco