Spider-Man Miles Morales Title Sequence
Category Description

Title sequence for a game

Project Description

Our brief was to produce a more refined and serious take that reflects Miles’ unique journey throughout the game, from heroic battles to heartfelt moments with family and friends in East Harlem. Creating a visually arresting sequence, we utilised duotone lighting to depict the different worlds Miles must navigate. We wanted the colour schemes of the respective worlds to echo the conflict Miles faces. We initially created styleframes that play with the idea of graphic silhouettes, then selected key moments in the game that we wanted to frame. Once these were established, we moved into 3D, re-creating poses to form tension/excitement in frozen moments, while implementing dynamic camera movement to created a sense of intrigue. Character poses also pay homage to Spider-Man’s Comic books, maintaining the striking angular compositions found in comic books, while a Neon Noir aesthetic hints at the cultural richness of the neighborhood.


Creative Director: Andrew Popplestone
Creative Lead: Dan Herlihy
Producer: Joy Whilby
Clients: Marvel, Sony Interactive Entertainment