Secret Love
Category Description

Content specific to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Project Description

This story is about true love but also the fact that they had to hide their relationship from some friends and family for the majority of their life. The title sequence needed to reflect this, so using imagery and video of them over the years we created an edit that helped convey their love of each other. Adding a simple graphics treatment over the top which is based off letters that Pat wrote to Terry and the song Secret Love sung by Doris Day we created a sumptuous and beautiful sequence.


Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Hazel Baird
Animators: Steven Biggert, Giovanni Bucci, Tnaya Witmer
Editor: Rachel Fowler
Coordinator: Megan Rodriguez
Producer: Paul Makowski
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall