Category Description

Experimental, Short film and Music videos.

Project Description

Overhead Colors’ is a series started in early 2018. The series is composed of liquid light art, a technique found in avant-garde theater performances from the 60’s and 70’s. The usage of physical materials merged with the digitization allows for a unique combination when the final results are destructed with glitch art techniques like datamoshing, misalignment, compression, and more.

The final part of the series has reached a pinnacle point; achieving the goal of a polished piece that combines the previous techniques of the series. The final piece clocks in at over forty minutes long with an original composed score created for it providing a match of creative audio. A balance of color theory, cinematography, and chemistry are all needed in the moment of making the pieces.

The finale of the six-part series premiered as a pop-up projection around Savannah as a final attribute to this capstone project.


Creator: Hunter Scully
Sound: Jaron Hardy