Opening - IDEA Awards
Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements presented within the context of an event (e.g. award show, concert, sporting event, news event)

Project Description

In 2020, all of the design, marketing, strategy, and creative communication awards in Québec (Canada) merged into one super award ceremony, the IDEA Awards. The organizers mandated us to build the opening video for this crucial moment. The main communication goal was to anchor down the new identity, set the tone for the show, and introduce/sneak peek at the novel IDEA awards trophy.

Initially, the award ceremony was set to be in a big theatre with all the big players of our industry in situ, but it transformed into an online ceremony. Without loud music and insane projection mapping, our job to inspire our peers became even harder. To do so remotely, we took the liberty to include several disciplines in our work (kinetic typography, motion graphics, 3D animation, CGI, illustrations, and character animation, to name a few), and we mixed everything to add our distinctive – crazy -signature.


Client : A2C
Audio & SFX : BLVD
Identity : Compagnie et Cie