Category Description

Title sequence for a documentary feature

Project Description

This is made for a documentary saying the history of feminist movements by Korean women.

As a result of the fight against the patriarchal system, there have been several meaningful movements in South Korea. This animation flows a few mainstreams in history (abolishing the patriarchal family system and veterans’ extra point system, the #MeToo movement, and equal pay for equal work) as well as major buildings that related to legislation or protest.

The main viewing point is a hand – referring to solidarity and fellowship. Hands are making actions for their rights. But especially, to emphasise that women are speaking up together, this work starts with a single hand but finishes with many other hands helping together.

Additionally, the little flow elements throughout are used as a tool to show connected relationships between women as well as the passage of time because this work covers a wide range of history.


Client: Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education

Animator: Yeonny Park
Sound mixer: Eunha Ko
Producer: Ham Hong
Executive Producer: Garam KANGYU