Category Description

A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a television or streaming show

Project Description

What would it be like to grow up with a father who is possessed by pure evil? For the title sequence of Hulu’s Helstrom, we asked ourselves this question as the show explored the darker side of the Marvel universe.

Working with showrunner Paul Zbyszewski, we created a range of drawings that spanned the character’s youth—as if some scenes were captured by a young child, while others were more sophisticated and interpretive, coming from a teenager’s POV. We married these visuals with a lighter upbeat track, pulling inspiration from 50’s pop standards, to create a strong and odd sense of irony.

We brought these drawings to life by using traditional cel animation, as if the memories are playing back within our character’s own imagination. We sketched thousands of individual frames, making sure the entire sequence was assembled by hand, and then digitally manipulated the frames to enhance the final style.


Client: Hulu
Creative Agency: Digital Kitchen
Creative Director: Mason Nicoll
Associate Creative Director: Andre Julien
Art Director: Peter Pak
Designer & Animator: Giovana Pham
Illustrator & Animator: Cynthia Soe
Illustrator: Kate Park
Producer: Matthew Lynch