Google Pixel 4a
Category Description

A project advertising a product or service

Project Description

The product chosen for this television commercial project is Google Pixel 4a, it is a phone product made by Google.
In this project, it shows the main functions of the phone in a metaphorical way with appealing visuals. The mood set for this project is fun. The main colour scheme chosen for this project is blue, green, yellow and red which are the colours from the Google logo to further emphasize the brand.

The functions shown in this project are a camera that can take photos with night mode and HDR+, quick charge, and google assistant.

Funky genre music was chosen for this project to further emphasize the mood for the video.

The goal of the project is to use a fun and exciting way of communicating to the audience and to pull the audience attention by using fun transitions.


Created by: Low Kok Wei
Mentor/Lecturer: Kong Yek Peng