Good Luck on the 25th » Golden Wolf

Category Description

A series of related spots advertising a product, service or event.

Project Description

Sometimes the festive season can be tough for everyone!

We created a series of comical spots for KFC’s UK holiday campaign.
The five animated TV ads, depict hyperbolic turkey situations gone wrong during people’s festive preparations.

KFC maintains that no-one actually enjoys the traditional turkey on Christmas, preferring to eat chicken year round instead.



Mother London

Stink Film

Directed by Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf:

Executive Creative Director – Ingi Erlingsson

Creative Director – Ewen Stenhouse

Executive Producer – Tan Baptista

Producer – Rebecca Little

Production Assistant – Sophie Omer-McWalter, Kuba Sobieski

Art Director – Charles Bigeast

Storyboards – Gaïa Lamiot, Pencil Bandit

Design – Sammy Moore, Siena Mae Allison, Dennis Wardzala, Joe Dennis, Mikhail Kalinin, João Lavieri

Lead Animator – Stephanie Mercier

Animation – Thomas Eide, Yino Huan, Pencil Bandit, Henrik Soenniksen

Assistant Animation- David Feliu, Walid Abou El Joud, Sasha Balan, Alison Oxborrow, Michael Douglas, Wayne Maslin

FX Animation – Tim Whiting, Kensei Thomas

Lead Compositor – John Wilkinson

Compositon – Laurence Parsons, Ian Pinder, Matthieu Landour

Editing – Thomas Purrington