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Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to present information within a sports program for television or streaming

Project Description

Sadly, not every sport in the world gets to have its own unique graphics package. So we created a design system with customization baked into the package, allowing every sport to feel special – we see you Cornhole! By grouping our events into categories like urban, outdoor and arena sports we could give each game more personalization through color and texture, creating a broad package that can be customized to fit the needs of any sporting event.



David Herbruck – President
Beat Baudenbacher – Chief Creative Officer
Scott Lakso – Executive Producer
Chris Harmon – Creative Director
Casey Valigursky – Producer
Sady Cohen – Producer
Brian Drucker – Designer
Joe Fuller – Designer
John Magbanua – 3D Animator
Tom Bourguet – 3D Animator


Michael Ruddy – Creative Director
Kathy Rajcula – Senior Manager
Kynna Randall – Art Director