Cartoon Network – Temporary Gumball channel » Antimatter

Cartoon Network - Temporary Gumball channel
Category Description

A series of identification spots created for a television or streaming channel

Project Description

The Amazing World of Gumball is well known and beloved cartoon TV series that follows protagonist Gumball and his best brother Darwin.

Cartoon Network Italia had the great idea to create a temporary TV channel that transmits Gumball 24/7 for all the fans out there, so when they asked us if we were interested in helping shape the channel identity, we immediately said yes.

The challenge was to create a brand exclusive to this TV channel that would revolve around Gumball, but with a contrasting visual to the series, so as to create a distinction between the cartoon and the TV channel that transmits it. After testing different compositions and visuals, we opted for a highly geometric design of three main characters from the show: Gumball, Darwin and their father, Richard.


Client: Cartoon Network
Creative Direction: Filippo Giacomelli

Direction and animation: Antimatter
Music: Cartoon Network
Sound Design: Daniele Prina