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Category Description

Any short form project exploring novel aesthetics, production methodologies and/or technologies

Project Description

What happens when you mix 2D motion graphics and 3D design? That was the question, and you’re just discovering our answer.

Colorful loops, full of dynamism and motion tricks that will set your day in motion. This project is a collaboration between 2 artists from different design backgrounds. Hitabarity 3D (3D Art Director) and Mestremotion (2D Motion Designer) had joined forces to create a collection of motion design loops, mixing the 3D taste and volumes with the 2D rhythm to push motion design boundaries a little further.


Concept: Hitabarity 3D (Marcel Hita) & Mestremotion (Jaume Mestre)
2D Animation: Mestremotion
3D Animation & Shading: Hitabarity 3D
Sound FX: Mestremotion