Category Description

Experimental, Short film and Music videos.

Project Description

‘All You Can Eat’ deals with the topic of overconsumption in the 21st century. Instead of animals, cartoon characters are being used as products of post-modern society. Within the film, the boundaries between the colourful, jolly cartoon world and the dark, dystopian human world, are strongly emphasized. The story is about two non-binary beings who are trying to escape together from a dark factory.

The film deals with an Orwellian scenario where humans are just voracious consumerists, but from an environmental perspective, it also deals with the decimation of the whole cartoon community as they are being taken from their home and consequently caged.

Fear and terror are depicted in the eyes of the cartoons, as they realize what is happening to the rest of their tribe: they are being eaten alive.


Animation: Dimitris Armenakis, Inari Sirola, Diogo Kunha, Evelyn Ivanova
Colouring: Diogo Kunha, Konstantinos Vasilakis, Inês João Portela, Emily Wloch, Dermot Lynskey
Sound Design: Charlie Carroll, Dimitris Armenakis
Voices: Degear0001
Soundtrack: Rita Mosss – Miss Stranger Bird
Sound Mix: João Fonte
Humans: Oliver Magee, Georgi Stamenov