ADM _ #Unseen
Category Description

Title sequence for a live event (e.g. conference, festival, summit)

Project Description

We were tasked to craft a 60s film that captures the creative process as means of individual and unique expression, for ADM Show 2020

A process that is both mysterious as it is revealing. Both to the viewer as it is to the creator.

A process that brings what is unseen into the light.

The seen vs. the unseen.

The light vs. the dark.

Our film plays on the observed and inner worlds of the artist and how the creative process bridges the two; pulling them together in unexpected and often times surprising ways.


Client | School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore
Agency | Factory 16 11

Produced at Semicolon.

Motion Design | Jonathan Law
Animation Director | Daniel Lee
Concept + Direction by Jac Min

Remixed from the thoughts of Alan Watts.